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- Questions You Might Have -

Can I have a list of the sites you will place my link on?
No, we don't know who you are and there are many who would like to shut us down.

Are the sites real sites?
Yes, all ten million sites we control are human created.

Do they have good PR?
The PR of the ten million sites range from PR 0 to PR 7.

I don't trust buying this without more information.
Sorry but your risking less than five bucks while we would risk much more to give out our secrets to everyone. After we begin to place your link you will learn everything by simply watching your backlinks.

Can you remove my links in the future if I don't like them?
Yes we can remove your links anytime but no one has ever asked us to do this, our backlinks are money in the bank.

Do you provide support?
Once you purchase we will treat you like a best friend. We will answer all your emails promptly. We will also help you with matters not related to our backlinks. We like to form relationships with adult webmasters because we well understand there is power in numbers. Our customers frequently fire off questions to us ranging from web design to affiliate program integrity. We are here for our customers. Our customers receive a special email address that is monitored by our entire staff. Not only do you receive our backlinks you also receive access to all our collective experience in the adult entertainment industry.

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